Friday, November 7, 2008

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!


Okay, so pretty much i have been debating whether or not to post pictures from Halloween. Obviously I decided to go for it. Why not? Some people get offended easily when it comes to religion. So if you are one of those folks DO NOT look at the pictures below. Actually, I vote you DO look at them. I mean, come on, if you can't offend people on Halloween when can you? ha!

Ninja Dre, Elder Jensen, Pirate Ambeer. ARRRGG..

Rockstar Jesus and his groupie.
Vampires beware!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Celeb sighting 2008

Okay, let me say this before I begin, if you don't watch TV and know who the Roloffs are (from the TLC show Little People, Big World) you won't even be impressed with this blog.

My sister and her family came to visit me up in Oregon earlier this week. We had been planning a trip to Roloff's since the day I left Utah. ha. Me and my sis LOVE Little People, Big World. So we headed up to Portland Wednesday to fulfill our dreams... Roloff Farms.

Getting closer!


Me and Rocky Roloff. Sweetest guy ever!

Famous Roloff pumpkins.

The trebuchet from hell.
It's freakin' Matt Roloff in the flesh!!
It was super cold and rainy, but worth the trip. Hands down. Recommended for all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay, so me and Tawny NEVER have anything to do here in Corvallis. So we decided to actually do something fun with all of the free time we have (being jobless and all). We drove up to Newport Saturday to go to the ocean and out to eat. We went to a brewery that I have always wanted to go to. Food blew, but beer was amazing. Anyhow, we walked around afterwards to sober up before the drive home and ended up at a dock that had at least 30 sea lions around it. They were sooo cute! With their little whiskers and big bellies.

This guy must be their boss. He was super mean. He always had his head up in the air. Cute though. ha

Resting and relaxing.

Scratching his back. haha.

Okay, so notcie the guy in the water. We felt SOO bad for him. He would swim around the entire dock looking for somewhere to lay down. Everytime he got close to the other lions they would freak out. He tried for at least 20 minutes. I kept yelling at the other sea lions telling them what assholes they were. Ha. Never worked. They are mean.

The first star fish I have ever seen. It was HUGE!

Ever see the movie Big?

Just at home with the dog.
That's about it for this blog. If we ever do anything cool again I will post it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Oregon Coast

The Drive there....

Big ass rock...

As much as I miss Utah, Oregon is amazing...

We took a ride up the coast to get to Portland. Portland is about an hour and a half normally, but when you take the coast it's about four hours. So worth it though. . .

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As many of you know, I decided to move to Oregon with my BFF Tawn. Last week I spent pretty much all my days in Brigham working for my dad (I got laid off my job in July. That's so another story though) and my nights in Salt Lake spending my last days with my friends.
Late night trips to Denny's..
Going to concerts getting drunk off our asses..
Getting yet another one of my house parties busted by the cops..
Actually having a party where the cops DIDN'T come.. haha
Pull-aparts from the Pie. Wow...It had been so long. Worth the wait.
Bees games. I finally got the pink foam finger I always wanted AND got it autographed by my favorite player (thanks Tolley!) and yet again, getting drunk as hell..
Sitting at home doing nothing but talking with my best friends..
I sit here in my new apartment staring out the window at greasy little kids and a ghetto as pool. I ask myself if I made the right decision. I have no regrets (so far) and I know I will grow to LOVE it here. Seriously, I am in a state with one of the highest percentages of vegetarians, the most locally owned breweries, and the most gorgeous mountains I have ever seen. I am just so far from everything good. Friends and family.
I miss you guys so much and I appreciate the support I have recieved from you.
Oh, a few pictures of my last days in Ute Ute Utah..


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nobody likes you when you're 23....

Okay, so it may be two weeks late, but in honor of my 23rd birthday here are 23 killer facts about me. 23 is a good number.... Oh yeah. And some pics from my party. Thank you my lovely friends for being there. You mean the world to me!

1. I am terrified or flying. I really won't eat 3 days before I have to fly. Yes, it is always 3 days before.
2. I have a terrible fear of gas stations. haha. Seriously, somedays I only get 5 bucks in gas because I thing i will explode if I stay there any longer. haha.
3. Golden Girls is probably my favorite TV show ever.
4. I love peanut butter, but I HATE peanuts.
5. Probably the biggest pet peeve is when people park their cars on the wrong side of the street.
6. Pizza is my favorite food ever. What's funny is the only man I have truly loved was the one that used to deliver my pizzas. haha.
8. If I could live anywhere in the US it would have to be San Francisco. LOVE IT!
9. I sleep with my window open everynight. Even if it is 10 degrees outside.
10. My favorite color is black.
11. I love baseball. It is really the only sport I like. GO INDIANS!
12. I listen to the same band every night before I go to sleep.
13. I won't wear clothes that have touched the floor. I think floors are sick.
14. My best friends are a 2 year old and a 3 month old. They're the best I know. They're my only hope I have in the world.
15. I have a really hard time watching a movie the whole way through. Can we say ADD?
16. I still sleep with my baby blanket.
17. Me and one of my best friends (he shall remain nameless) used to run around random parks late at night in Brigham City. Naked. haha.
18. My favorite number is 3.
19. I won't sleep inside sheets that other people have slept in.
20. I usually whistle along to music instead of singing it.
21. I hate bugs. If there is one in my house I kill it, but hands down, everytime I kill one I apologize to it before I do it.
22. It is my dream to adopt a few of every kind of farm animal that is killed for it's meat and keep it as my pet on my own farm. Everything on earth deserves respect and love. And I want to prove that it can be done. My hippie side shines through most days....
23. Sometimes I really hate that I have tattoos. I get over it pretty quickly though.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Oh bless being 21 again....
We went to Vegas for my roommate's 21st and oh lord, was it a blast. We drove for hours, partied for hours, and I was sick for hours.... I would do it again in a second!!!